Tradesman’s FAQ’s

The Registration Process

How do I register on Big Builders Bum ?

It’s really easy. Simply click in the big blue box that says "Tradesmen sign up here" (on the right here). You will find also find these blue boxes on the “Home Page”, and on the right of the “Find a Job Page”. This will take you to the Tradesmen Registration page where you can register and create your profile.

We have kept it all as simple as possible, and there are help tips all along the way. You don’t have to do it all at once either. You can always come back to your member’s area (via the link at the top right of every page) and add text and photos to your profile as your time permits.

I’m registered here as a tradesman & I want to post a job.

No problem! Just go to the “Post a Job” page (in the blue bar above) and fill in the boxes detailing the job you would like done. Your login details will remain the same (i.e. your password and email address). And your member’s area will extend to include the job(s) you post.

Can you help me to fill in my Profile ?

We know that writing about yourself can be tricky, especially if you have never done it before. In the Help Centre we will soon be adding Guides that we hope will assist you in this.

Getting Work from the site and contacting clients

How do you know which jobs to send me ?

When you sign up, we ask for your postcode and the distance you cover workwise. This, along with your trades, will determine which job notifications we send you.

Contacting your potential clients.

We send you notification via email within minutes of a job being posted that fits your profile. Within the email there will be a link, which when clicked, will open on the job’s details page. You can login at the bottom of each job details page and from there contact your prospective clients.

Some people prefer direct telephone contact from tradesman when posting a job, in which case their telephone numbers will be listed. Other people ask to be contacted only through the internal email system, so you will be able to send a message directly from the job details page.

Whichever way you initiate contact we send notification to the job poster along with a link to your profile page.

Responses to your email messages are received through your private internal emailing system. Again, we notify you each time your potential clients reply. By clicking the link we provide in the email the site opens. You then login (via the top right link available on every page), which opens your member’s area. Your internal email is accessed by clicking “My Email” on the left, and from there you can converse freely with your potential clients.

I haven’t had work from the site.

First, double check your profile page. Make sure it reads well, and that you have filled in all the boxes. Adding photos is always a good idea, as long as they add to your credibility!

Have a look at our guides in the Help Centre, on how to write a profile. (Once we add them!)

How much does this cost me?

What are the costs ?

We charge a monthly membership fee of just £10. Job leads are FREE, and there are no commissions to pay.

What do I get for my £10 per month ?

Professional and experienced online marketing !

This is one of the most important parts of the whole system. We know that if you don’t get work from this site you are not going to waste your time on it.

An online marketing campaign is started for each tradesman who signs up. We target your area of work and your trades to make sure you get maximum online exposure.

How do I pay my monthly membership fee ?

Your monthly payment is processed by PayPal. We will be adding other secure payment systems very soon.

Your Login and membership details

How do I reset my password?

You simply login to your member’s area, using the “Login” link at the top right of each page. Click the link on the left "Edit login details" and follow the instructions.

I have lost my password & or email address – What do I do ?

Don’t worry! If you have forgotten your password, just click “Login” on the top right of every page and then click “Have you forgotten your password”. You will be asked to enter your email address and click “Send”. We then send your password to that email address.

If you have forgotten both your password and email address, you really need to sign up again for security reasons .....

How do I cancel my membership ?

You can cancel your membership at any time, should you want to ! Go to your member’s area and click on “My Membership”, which is on the left. Then click “Delete my account” in the horizontal blue bar. Within the page that opens, you have the ability to cancel your account – no questions asked !

Contacting Big Builders Bum

Do you accept suggestions on how to improve site?

We gladly appreciate suggestions on how this service can be improved for your own personal use - Please drop us an email.

I can't find the answer to my question here.

If you cannot find an answer for your query here, either try the Help Centre or just let us know :