How to Post Review’s and why this works ...

How do I post a review?

There’s nothing to it !

Once your chosen tradesman has completed the work , just come back to the site and login via the link at the top of each page. Your member’s area will then open on your most recently posted job. If you want to write a review for a job you posted previously it will be listed on the left hand side, which you can click to open.

In order to add a review the job needs to be closed which you may have already done in your member’s area. Or, if you have clicked “Accept Quote” in an internal email from a tradesman, then the job will have closed automatically.

If the job is already closed, click “Submit your review” (in orange). And you can scroll down this page to read the text under the heading “Adding you Review” !

Closing your Job :

To tell if a job is closed, check if it says “Closed Job” or “Open Job” at the end of the job title (which is in orange, above your blue horizontal member’s area buttons).

If the job is still open, click the blue “Close Job” tab and then choose the option “I want to close this job because I hired a tradesman”. You will now see a drop down list of each tradesman who has contacted you regarding this particular job. Just choose the name of the tradesman’s that you’ve hired from the dropdown list and then click the “Close Job” button below.

Next click “Click here to submit your review” (which is in orange). You will now be on the review page for that job.

Adding your Review :

First, we ask you to click a number, giving your tradesman a rating out of 5. (1 being the lowest rating, and 5 being the highest rating).

Then in the box below you can add your review.

When you are writing a review, please be fair and unbiased. It helps if you mention the quality of the work, service, reliability and value. Any other comments that you think might help people choose which Tradesman to hire would be appreciated.

Why have reviews?

The review system is the backbone of the site. People who have hired tradesmen previously come back and write a review on their standard of work.

This encourages only the best tradesmen to sign up, and helps you to make an informed decision on which tradesman is best for you and the specific job you post. It also inspires the tradesmen to finish your job to the highest possible standard. As the more positive reviews they accumulate - the more work they will get.

This system helps the best tradesmen to build their reputations. And, it helps the really Great Tradesmen to stand out from the crowd.

In essence though, it just makes it much easier for you to find the very finest of the recommended tradesmen

Who can post reviews and are they genuine?

To make sure the reviews as fair and unbiased as possible, only people that have actually employed tradesmen through Big Builders Bum have the ability to post a review.

This way the reviews are as relevant and current as possible.

We keep a finely tuned eye on the whole site. If we find anyone trying to abuse the review system, we will be on it immediately!

Can Tradesmen respond to reviews ?

Yes ! As in any fair online review system, the tradesmen here have the opportunity to post a response to any review added to their profile page.

But, as only one review can be posted for any job by the hiring party, tradesman can only post one response to any review.

Must I come back and add a review If I hire a tradesman here?

No one is obligated to come back and post a review on tradesmen they hire through this site, but we do encourage you to. Adding your own review helps other site users choose the right tradesman for their job.

I have been let down by my Tradesperson what can I do?

We ask that you first give the tradesman every opportunity to remedy the situation. Sometimes things can get blown out of proportion over an initial miscommunication. And, let’s face it, everyone can have an off day!

If you remain convinced that the tradesman you hired is unprofessional, then by all means post that in your review.

We are not responsible for the standard of work of the tradesman on this site. But we make every effort to keep the review system is fresh and honest.