How does Big Builders Bum work ?

The site revolves around an honest, independent review system.

People who have previously employed tradesman through this site come back and write a review on their standard of work. This not just encourages only the most professional tradesman to register, it helps to ensure they do the best job possible for you, as the more positive reviews they accumulate – the more work they get !

As any true review system should however, it gives tradesmen the opportunity to respond to reviews, should the need arise.

This website has been created based on the fact that most people want a fast response. So we have implemented functionality that gives tradesmen the abillity to contact you immediately.

Tradesmen for all types of building and home improvement work are listed here, and as there are more people surfing the internet than reading newspapers, today there are more professionals advertising online than anywhere else. So by using this system you rapidly get in touch with local, professional tradesmen that you may not find anywhere else.

How do I find a Tradesman here ?

Big Builders Bum does this for you very cleverly! All you have to do is post your job, which is quick and painless. There are help tips all along the way and if you get stuck, simply email our support department. They are friendly, patient and very fast in their response.

The easiest way is to go directly to the “Post a Job” page (in the blue bar above), once there, simply fill in the boxes detailing the work you would like to have done. You can choose how many tradesmen you wish to hear from and whether they contact you directly by phone or only through the secure internal email system, (should you choose telephone contact, it goes without saying that you can remove your numbers at any time).

Within minutes of your job being posted, all the relevant tradesmen who cover your area are notified and invited to contact you. Each time a tradesman initiates contact, we let you know via email, list them in your member’s area and provide a link to their profile page.

The whole process is very fast and you can close your job whenever you want, which will prevent any new tradesmen from contacting you.

How much does this cost ?

It’s completely FREE to post a job, we just charge tradesmen £10 per month. As far as we know this makes Big Builders Bum one of the most economical forms of advertising anywhere !

We say advertising because that’s exactly what we mean. Most of the tradesman’s £10 per month is spent proactively, marketing them online as an individual or company. An expert online campaign is created for each tradesman who signs up, featuring their working area and trades.

Our search engine promotion team works hard to make sure our members Do get quality jobs.

Site Administration

The entire site is very easy to use, and it’s user driven. In other words, we listen to our members, implementing functionality and developing the site to make sure it really works for them.

We also monitor the site constantly, so if we get the slightest whiff of anything “fishy”, we are the first to know about it – our reaction is swift and fitting! You can be confident that your privacy & security are paramount to us, at no point are your personal details ever compromised.

So now you know, if you are in need of a recommended tradesman, the answer is simple, just click here to post your job.