Job Posting FAQ's

Posting and administrating your Job

How do I post a job?

Just click the “Post a Job” button in the top blue horizontal links bar above. This will take you to the “Post a Job” page. There you are asked to describe the job in detail and choose how you would like tradesmen to contact you.

The better the description, the easier and quicker it will be for the tradesmen to provide you with an accurate quotation and potential time scale.

We also ask for your postcode so we can find the relevant tradesmen who cover your area.

We have kept the process as quick and painless as possible and there are help tips for you all along the way.

Can I add photos ?

Yes, once you have posted your job you can add photos or plans from your member’s area.

Can I edit my Job?

Yes ! From your member’s area you can edit the text if need be, correcting any mistakes. You can also change the way you would like tradesman to contact you.

I have hired a tradesman here. How do I take my job out the system ?

Once you have hired a tradesman, you need to close the job. So just login, (from the top right link available on each page) your member’s area will open on your most recently posted job. (If you have posted more than one job, you will find them all listed on the left, just click on the one you want to close). Now, from the blue horizontal links bar of your member’s area click “Close Job”.

You will be given a couple of options here. Choose the one that says “I want to close this job because I hired a tradesman”. A dropdown box will then appear from which you choose the name of the tradesman you have hired. Then click the “Close Job” button below. This will close the job throughout the system, preventing other tradesman from contacting you on this particular job.

Remember to come back and post a review once the work has been done. Again we have made it very easy for you.

I want to close my job for other reasons.

If for any other reason, you want to close your job, log into your account (from “login” at the top right of every page). Your member’s area will always open on your most recently posted job. Should you have posted more than one job, you will find them all listed on the left. After making sure the job you want to close is the one that is open, just click “Close Job” on the horizontal blue links bar within your member’s area.

You will be asked to choose from a couple of options. Select the one that says “ I want to close this job for another reason” then click the close job button below. This will close your job throughout the system, which prevents further contact from tradesman for this particular job.

Hiring Tradesman

How do Tradesmen contact me?

When you post your job you choose whether you would like the tradesmen to contact you directly by telephone, or only through the secure internal emailing system. Either way, only tradesmen registered with Big Builders Bum can contact you. Should you choose direct telephone contact, you have the ability within your member’s area to remove your numbers at any time.

Minutes after you have posted your job, we send an alert to all the relevant tradesmen that cover your area. Responses can come back to you very fast.

Each time a tradesman initiates contact we notify you via email. Just click the link in the email we send to return to the site and log in using the “Login” link at the top right of every page. This will open your private member’s area. Within it is a page called “My Tradesman”, where we list each tradesman who has initiated contact, along with a link to their profile page. We indicate whether they requested your tel. number (if that is the contact method you choose) or if they have used the internal email system.

To use your internal emailing system click “Open my Email”, this will be on the left side of the page. We have made this easy to use, and again, there is a link to the tradesman’s profile page in every email they send you.

Do you perform checks on tradesmen?

We do not vet the tradesmen listed here. But we monitor the site constantly, so we are privy to every tradesman who registers.

The review system encourages only the best tradesman to sign up. And, as good reviews means more jobs in the future, it’s in the tradesman’s best interest to complete a job to the highest standard for you. We take reviews very seriously, as do the tradesmen listed here.

Does this cost me anything ?

Posting a job is FREE!

It is completely FREE to post a job. We charge the Tradesperson a monthly fee of £10 .

Your login details

How do I reset my password?

Login to your member’s area, using the “Login” link at the top right of each page. Click the link on the left "Edit login details" and follow the instructions.

I have lost my password & or email address – What do I do ?

Don’t worry! If you have forgotten your password just click “Login” on the top right of every page and then click “Have you forgotten your password”. You will be asked to enter your email address and click “Send”. We then send your password to that email address.

If you have forgotten both your password and email address, you really need to sign up again for security reasons .....

Contacting Big Builders Bum

I can’t find the answer to my question here.

If you cannot find an answer for your query here, either try the Help Centre or just let us know :

Do you accept suggestions on how to improve site?

We gladly appreciate suggestions on how our service can be improved for your own personal use - simply drop us an email.