Help for Job posting and Hiring Tradesmen

How to Post your job and hire a tradesman overview

Posting a job and hiring tradesmen here on Big Builders Bum is really fun and easy. Simply click the “Post a Job” button on the blue link bar above and follow the directions. You will be asked to fill in a few boxes describing the work you want done. Select how many tradesmen you want to hear from and if you would like them to contact you directly by phone or only through the internal email system. You can add photos once your job has been posted.

We monitor the site very closely so once we have checked your job (normally within a few minutes), we notify all relevant tradesmen in your area.

Each time a tradesman initiates contact with you, we list them in your member’s area and provide you with a link to their profile page. You are notified by email when this happens.

Once you have decided which tradesman to employ, you need to close your job. Simply come back to your member’s area (which is accessible through the “sign in“ at the top right of each page) and click the “Close Job” button. Or, if you are conversing with the tradesman through the internal email system, click the “accept quote” button within the email. Either action will close your job through the system, so you will no longer receive contact from other tradesmen.

Detailed guide to Posting a Job

Type of tradesman

Firstly you will be asked to select the type or tradesman you are looking for from a drop down list, we aim to list tradesman for all types of Building & Home improvements. If the type of tradesman you are looking for is not listed here please just drop us an email to let us know so we can add them asap :

Job Title

Next we ask you to give the job a title, try and keep it short and concise; there is a limit on how many words you can use. (4 – 50 characters)
Examples :

Job description

Now to the job description ... The more information you give to the description of the job the better. The tradesman can then give a more accurate assessment of time and cost. There is no limit to the amount of words you can add in job description area so don’t be shy, just describe the job in as much detail as you can.

It helps to include:

We advise against putting any contact details in here as this is published publicly on the site

Your Postcode / Town

When you enter your postcode your town will automatically show in the box underneath. We don’t need a full address as we use Google maps to show the area your postcode represents, this is enough for the tradesman to know if you are in the area they cover.

How many tradesmen would you like to hear from?

Next you choose how many tradesmen you want to choose from. We usually recommend 3 tradesmen as a maximum. You can however change this setting later from your members’ area.

How would you like the tradesmen to contact you ?

Here you can request that the tradesmen contact you directly by phone. We list those who have requested your tel. numbers in your member’s area and provide you with a link to their profile page. Obviously you have the ability to remove your tel number at any time.

Alternatively, you can choose that the tradesmen contact you only through your secure internal email system.


Your username will be published publicly on the site, some people like to use aliases, while others are happy to use their own name. You can have spaces in between words here if you want, for example  :

Usernames have to be unique so that you are not confused with another “Mary Johnston or “Love Bug” throughout the site. If you find the name you want to use is not available you could just add a number at the end e.g.


Your Password is keep private within the system, we recommend you keep a note of it as you will need it to access your members area when you want to check for quotes etc.

Don’t worry too much if you forget your password; either use the “forgotten Password” in the sign up box on the top right of each page or drop us an email and we will sort it out for you :

Your Email Address

You will be asked for an email address so we can let you know when tradesmen initiate contact. We take your privacy and security very seriously. The only time your email address is given out is if you click “accept quote” (which appears within the emails you receive from tradesmen) we then forward the email address you have entered in the system to your chosen tradesman. At this point we send you an email with the tradesman’s contact details too.

Terms and Conditions

By law we must ask you to read the Terms and Conditions before the sign up is complete...
However we have kept them as short and understandable as possible, there is nothing “fishy” in there just the standard stuff !

Any further queries - just let us know :