Help for the Job Poster’s Members Area

Job Poster’s Members area overview

This is the private and secure area for people who have posted jobs i.e. site members. The system will remember you via your email address and password that you enter when posting a  job so you will be able to login at any time via the login button on the top right of each page.

Within this area you can administrate your jobs and your login details. Your secure internal email system is here too should you wish to use it.

Detailed guide to your members area

View Job

This is your recently posted job as it will appear in the job listings page for tradesman to see. The Google Map indicates the area you are in through the postcode you entered. Any photos you have posted for the job will appear on this page too.

Add Photos

This is where you can post photos or plans of the job from your computer. Simply click the “Choose File” button and select the image from your computer. The image will then upload onto the site.

Edit Job

From here you can edit or amend the details of this job by simply changing the text within the boxes and then click the “Save changes” button. The site will then immediately update the changes you have entered.

Close Job

Here you can close your job once you have hired tradesmen so you no longer receive quotes from other tradesmen. Simply choose 1 of the 2 options to close your job.

If however you clicked the “Accept Quote” button within an email while conversing with a tradesman the job will automatically close for you.


Once you have closed you job this is where you can add your review of the tradesman you hire.

Contact Method

Here you can change the way tradesmen contact you. Just select “Telephone and internal email” or “Internal email only” from the drop down box to either add or remove your telephone number for this job.

My Tradesmen

This is where we list all the tradesmen who have initiated contact with you. By clicking the names their profiles will open. This is also where you can update the amount of tradesmen you initially requested to hear from


This is your own private and secure internal emailing system where you can converse with tradesmen. You have an Inbox, Sent email and Deleted email.

Your Details

This is where you can change your password and or registered email address, just make the changes in the “Your email address” and “Your password” boxes, once  you click “save changes” that’s them updated through the system.

Do remember to keep a note of your new password! If however you forget it just use the “forgotten Password” in the sign up box on the top right of each page or drop us an email and we will sort it out for you :

My Posted Jobs

Your previously posted jobs are listed here; by clicking them you will bring them to the foreground where you have the same functions as you do on your recently posted job i.e. amend details, add photos and close job

I have done something silly in my members area.

Firstly - Don’t worry ! If you have done something in your members area such as unintentionally closing a job or accepting a quote when you didn’t mean to just contact us detailing what you did & what it was you intended to do and we will sort it out for you :